In order to secure safety of navigation in the ports, along approaches to the ports and in other places where it has been acknowledged to be necessary, vessels shall be attended by the sea pilot. While attending the pilot shall remain under the command of the master of the attended vessel. The master is obliged to provide the pilot with all information concerning navigational characteristics of the attended vessel. /Merchant Shipping Code, Ch.9, Sec.4, Art.237/

Inner Pilotage

The leading in and out the vessel from the road and back, as well as her shifting from one quay to another. The inner pilotage is compulsory. The requests for inner pilotage are done by the agent, in keeping with the request of the master, not later than 2 hours until the full readiness of the vessel for manoeuvring. The pilot meets the vessel at pilot boarding position:

Lat 42°28'50 N / Long 27°32'00 E.

The pilot leaves the ship after berthing operations, after leading her out in “clear waters” or after anchoring her at safety anchorage position.

Outer pilotage

Outer pilotage is piloting a vessel in a part of inner seawater of the Republic Bulgaria to the boundary of the port pilotage. The outer pilotage is compulsory for vessels with draft of 13,50 m or more. The pilot meets the vessel at the pilot boarding position:

Lat 42°29'00 N / Long 27°39'00 E.

Vessels requesting outer pilotage are obliged to make the request for a pilot by their agent at least 6 hours before reaching the pilot boarding position.


Not later than 2 hours before arrival, ship must confirm exact time of arrival directly on VHF channel 14 to the Bourgas Pilot Station.
Ships at Bourgas port anchorage must listen VHF – Channel 14 (pilots) and Channel 11(VTAS).
Ships leaving port or shifting the berth must notify the related information through the agent not later than 2 hours prior to leaving or shifting.