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We are BOURGAS PILOT STATION Ltd., licensed company which provides services of port and outer pilotage in the area of Maritime Administration, Bourgas, consisting of the territorial and internal waters of the Republic of Bulgaria between the parallels of the Cape Emine and the south government border between The Republic of Bulgaria and Republic of Turkey, including the ports of Bourgas, Tzarevo, Sozopol, Pomorie and Nessebur.

On the basis of the “Regulation No1, concerning the conditions of providing of the pilot activity in the territory of The Republic of Bulgaria”, issued by the Ministry of the Transport, dated 09.02.2001 and after passing the competition, our company obtained a license to perform related maritime pilotage services for three years. The license has been renewed periodically.

The core staff of our company consists from 26 experienced master mariner licensed pilots and 13 other employees i.e. pilot boats crew and administrative support. Our long-time investment in the professional education and constant care for the safety of maritime traffic as well as the good quality of service rendered were crowned by ISO 9001 : 2015 Certificate in 2003.

We wish you a pleasant landing and stay, both on www.bourgas-pilot.com, and in the waters of our region.

Capt. Apostolov N.A.

(C) Bourgas Pilot Station Ltd.