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Port of Bourgas is established pursuit to the Decree for Construction, signed by Prince Ferdinand I on 20 December 1894. The opening ceremony has been held on 18 May 1903 and since this moment the port is considered as open for commercial shipping. Few years before, in 1899, the first Bulgarian port light-the Light of Bourgas, has been put on.

Port of Bourgas entered into the new millennium running the largest Bulgarian port’s infrastructure project. It is a key element of the Master Plan for the development of the Port until 2015. It is a very ambitious and truly feasible program. The main core of the Plan is a modern and highly diversified Port to be built, fully answering to the challenges of the new cargo trends.

On 16 November 2005 The New Terminal A2 was officially opened for operation as a first step of the realisation of the General Plan for development of the Port of Bourgas. The same terminal is specialised in handling of bulk cargoes.

In the area of activity of the Bourgas Pilot operates as well the Fish Port as a specialised port for handling of cargoes insisting special conditions as a storage in refrigerated warehouses. Bourgas Ship Repair Yard and Bourgas Shipbuilding Yard are operating in the same area too.

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